Branding is the conscious attempt to present a positive cohesive image of an organisation/entity/individual in front of the audience/customers. For an organisation branding is inherently tied up with marketing and promotional activities. So in order to focus on branding one has to explore all possible ways of representing the organisation for public interest

Effective and cohesive use of the print media

Online branding has grown exponentially during the last few years. However, the importance of offline marketing and branding techniques cannot be denied. The best approach would be to merge your online and offline marketing strategies to attract and impress customers. The point to remember here is that the image presented to the public eye should be cohesive without contradicting elements.

Tried and tested methods like flyers, newspaper ads and banners never fail to yield good results when you are beginning to build your brand. Focus your advertising mediums on these places. Include the URL of your website and relevant links on your print ads so that interested people can check out your online presence.



Create attractive press

Branding is only successful when people begin to associate your presence with an idea, image or thought. Creating attractive press through good public relations is the best way to increase your brand value. If you do not have the resources to hire a PR agency you can still be in the news for other reasons.

Promote a social cause, link your employees with social work and get noticed in a positive way.

You can also design attractive offers for customers when you are promoting your brand. Use both online and offline marketing channels to promote these offers. You can create early bird offers, online competitions and special discount schemes for increasing online traffic to your website and your conversion rate.

Utilise local events

Keep an eye on local exhibitions, community meetings and other gatherings where you can expect a sizeable turnout of your target audience. Distributing DVDs, advertising materials and flyers at these points will get you good results. Setting up a promotional stall to talk to potential customers is also a good idea.

Local events, exhibitions and trade show present very good opportunities for emerging businesses to build their brand.

Cohesive use of corporate stationary

Everything in your business premises right from the colour on the walls to the design and the logo on the stationary should be in line with the central theme of your business. It’s very important to filter out conflicting elements and present an uniform image otherwise your audience will get confused about the relevance of your brand.

Use creative corporate stationary t mark out your brand as “different”. Hire efficient creative designers who can create innovative designs for you and hike up your visibility.