Make Your Party Rock with These Props

Photography is a great avenue to express ourselves. Through pictures, we can show our emotions, (because the camera can’t lie) it could be a feeling of happiness, excitement and more. That’s why in every party and celebration, we never forget to take photographs to have something we can look back to. But did you know that you could step up your photo booth gaming with these props? Here’s some you can use:

Oversized Glasses

Grab the attention of your friends by wearing oversized glasses. This is a great way to add character to your picture. Don’t worry if you’re not ready for picture and you didn’t sleep well last night. We can hide those dark eyes circles using this props.

Animal Heads

Prove that you are a party animal with animal heads. You can ask your friends to wear different types of the animal mask so you can build an animal kingdom. You and your friends could also be a monkey while making a funny pose. Or why not try to be the head of the kingdom by wearing lion mask. Try them now!


Whether you wanted to be Captain America for a night or portray a Harry Potter look, it’s all possible with weapon props. You can ask your partner or colleagues to create a pose like you’re fighting or you’re casting a spell on them. You could also be a rocker or a soldier. Make a story to make the picture memorable.

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