Social Media Marketing

Using face book to connect with friends and posting random pics of yourself on Pinterest may seem like easy and fun but social media marketing is a different ball game altogether. If you are an entrepreneur or are trying to promote a business interest online then it’s important to take social media marketing seriously.

Marketing experts predict that social networks present huge potential for branding and attracting new customers. It’s important to know what not to do when you are actively pursuing social media engagement with customers.

Low customer engagement

Your audience engagement levels are super important when it comes to quantifying the quality of your social marketing strategy. Do you run friendly opinion polls, surveys, feedback columns and questionnaires for your customers?



Is there an active facebook page for your business where you share jokes, funny incidents and inspiring moments with your audience? Can you perceive the flow of communication between your audience and your brand as genuine and warm?

If the answer to these questions are “no” then you are just presenting a dehumanized side of your business on social media. Humanize your brand and you will see your customer engagement levels going up.

Stereotyped content feeds

In social media business promotion “content is the king”. Not only do leading internet marketers and social market researchers agree on this but the trends set by major search engines like Google. Yahoo, MSN also reflect the preference for original exciting content.

So if you are searching up random content and rewording and posting it again on social media sites you are committing a big mistake. Passion and enthusiasism cannot be faked and the person in charge of producing the social media content should be a skilled writer who captures the inherent strengths of your business.

Over promotion and overexposure

Too much of a “push” strategy will put off your audience. Do not keep bombarding people with “buy me” kind of messages. Develop a relationship with the audience first and then try to build bonds of trust and communication. Sales figures will inevitably increase.

Send intelligent and infrequent selling messages. Put in content that will tickle the imagination and curiosity of your customers and you will see them knocking on your door.

No long term planning

Social media business activities need to have a definite plan and a flow of events. Like any other marketing strategy first form a fixed plan for social media optimization and then move forward. Putting random posts and irregular selling content is not going to work at all. This is a big mistake and it’s probably the worst thing you could do to spoil your brand image.

People’s minds and their wallets gravitate towards businesses which make them feel special and with whom they can feel a personal connection. Form a strategy which will help your audience connect with you.

Not responding to customers

You must have heard about the power of power of Word of Mouth. Well in social media networks WOM runs at thrice the real life speed. Ignore the feedback/ question of one customer and you can be sure that at least 25 of his friends will know in the next 2 days. Scary but true. Never make the mistake of not responding to your audience.